Lobby Day April 2011

American families! A date has been set,  and it is your turn to go:

Lobby Day April 2011

The Eating Disorder Coalition puts on two Lobby Days a year for us, families in the US affected by eating disorders. They do this on a shoestring budget and years of relationships on the Hill. They aren't asking for our money or our applause: they need us to show up with a message of your story. The way the system works isn't about money it is being there.

The EDC makes it simple and makes the appointments. You work in a team of others from your state, and you tell your story. What eating disorders have done to you and your family, and why the laws around it matter to you. I've seen a Senator choke up, a Congressman hug a crying mother. I've seen a single meeting result in a new Sponsor for a bill. I've seen Congressional staff go from formal to fired up - just by meeting a real person affected by an eating disorder.

EDC's staff is friendly, organized, and deeply knowledgeable about how Congress works. You will feel supported and empowered in their hands.

Consider it! 


  1. God Laura, I really want to go. I have to see how things pan out at home. I'm using my vacation time to stay home and help my daughter, but if there's a way I Will be there! If those crazy tea partiers can do then so can we!

  2. I'm actually sorry to say that *I* can't be there this time, either. Just happens to be a week that I have to be at home base. Family first, always, but those who can go really won't regret it. It is always an experience that gives the participants more knowledge and empowerment than anything!


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