The Hidden Tragedy of Isabelle Caro's Mother

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The Hidden Tragedy of Isabelle Caro's Mother


  1. Laura,
    as always, you have an incredible way with words, most especially when advocating for sufferers of eating disorders and their families are concerned! What most people don't realize, is that eating disorders (EDs) are NOT CHOSEN behaviors that are allowed by one's family to become obsessions. They are a behavior that becomes anchored in to a person's identity and with anorexia, a nutritional deficit (from even the flu) could set it off. All it takes (for some) is a few days of a deficit in calories for the 'trigger' to be released. It is not obvious, and some time goes by (weeks or months) before it is noticed that the person in question has been eating less, and by that time, perhaps many people have congratulated them for their 'will power.'

    What I have just described is a typical onset of Anorexia. How could anyone blame a parent here? At this point, should a parent be savvy enough to recognize the ED, the patient is likely engrossed in the mindset that they do NOT need to eat any more than they have been (which is very little) and that if they do, they are guilty!

    The parent is NEVER to blame. Isabelle Caro's mother... the poor lady... was distraught. Whether or not that was tied to her daughter's illness is regardless. Depression has been recently linked to genetics, so are we now to blame the grandparents of Isabelle Caro? When does this blame stop? What good does it do?

    One of the tragedies is that Caro's mother likely had no guidance or support during the early years of her daughters illness (as most hardly anyond did several years ago,) and this is the most tragic part of the story!!!

    Those of you that wish to place blame are living in a glass house. I urge you to be careful... you know what they say...

    Autism was not recognized as a real and true medical condition until parents banded together and explained the illness! To the general public and also to INSURANCE COMPANIES!!! Laura Collins is a leader in explaining and supporting parents and sufferers with Eating Disorders! She is truly a hero and I, for one, am extremely proud to know her! Her passion is unselfish, it is based on her desire to not see anyone else suffer from an ED, and in the meantime, for parents to understand the illness and find support and guidance while guiding their child to a normal and healthy life! It IS possible to achieve this, and it IS difficult... but it CAN be done! I have seen it and believe it can be true for all of our kids suffering from an ED!

    I urge... no... I BEG any parent or person who loves someone who has an ED to find F.E.A.S.T. and realize that knowledge IS power! We are a community of people that want so badly to erradicate this incredibly misunderstood illness!

    Please, join us all in the next few weeks by learning more about EDs and spreading awareness... as the ED Awareness week is Feb 20-26!

    Don't turn your back on this subject... it is likely something you just don't know enough about. If you did, if you knew someone with and ED and really understood it, you would support this need for awareness! If you don't support it, it is likely that you just don't understand it!

  2. Oh, Pennysgirl! I wish we could put your words in front of the whole world: "we are a community of people that want so badly to eradicate this incredibly misunderstood illness

    RIGHT ON!!


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