68-year old duck!

I'm sure I've shared this one before, one that even the best have said is the best tap dance sequence ever filmed. The Nicholas Brothers were supreme. I see something new every time I watch it. But this time I'm especially interested in one guy that in a hundred times I never noticed. The sax on the front row right, look at about minute :34 for the first time, who ducks as the fine Nicholas feet fly over and around him. Everyone else is cool and collected, not even noticing, blowing away. This guy is worried! He's concerned. I'm sure the director told him to sit still and the musicians must have done enough takes to know that neither Fayard nor Harold misses a beat or lands a dimes-breadth away from where they're aiming, but Mr. Sax isn't taking any chances.

And yes, that's Cab Calloway. Dreamy stuff. I was born in the wrong decade. Well, except for the war and the lack of Internet...and that it would have been illegal in most states for my parents to marry.


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