Couples and Anorexia

I yammer on about parent involvement in treatment because I'm a parent and in most cases that's the best option a patient has. But, it isn't the only option and I'm very excited about the prospects for expanding the caregiver concept. Spouses, for example:

Couples and Anorexia

Yes, we all want this guy to marry our daughters!

Also interesting, the UNC program for spouses: UCAN.


  1. " we all want this guy to marry our daughters!"
    No, then he would be a bigamist and they would lock him up. Any twins?Brothers? Cousins? Send them our way please.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you!

    I've been looking for information and support from an SO's perspective for a while now... seems to be such a dearth of that. Not that family oriented suggestions and advice haven't been helpful... it's just the relationship dynamics are different for certain things...


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