On Air and On Error

I'm a radio nut. I buy antique radios that don't even have dials. The only working part of a car I care about is the radio. AM, FM, satellite, whatever. I get voice crushes, and my crush on Ira Glass only got worse when I learned that he was the same way and never wanted to see any of his radio idols or their pictures - oh, Ira, I'm with you (and don't take this the wrong way but I don't need to see you).

Fun fact: I had my own radio show when I was in junior high. They gave me an hour on Saturdays down at a local college station and as I sit here thinking about it I now know that this was surely the least listened to hour of the week as most of the students were sleeping off hangovers. But my mom listened!

Love, love this interview of Glass for at least a dozen reasons, not least of which is that being wrong has been a theme of MY week's thoughts: Love The Wrong Stuff : On Air and On Error


  1. Ira is the BEST! And Laura, don't you think he looks just like he sounds? I got to see him in person--he is great.


  2. He's dreamy. But truly, I don't need to see any of them. Voice is enough...


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