London service for families who lost loved ones to eating disorders

Beat, the biggest eating disorder nonprofit in the world, is holding a service for those lost to death by eating disorders. It is an issue that we cannot flinch from, and MUST motivate us to do better.

"The risk of death for someone with anorexia is three times higher than someone with depression, schizophrenia or alcoholism and 12 times higher than in the general population."

Service for families who lost loved ones to eating disorders

The service is the 28th of September. I cannot be there but friends will, including members of F.E.A.S.T.'s new UK Task Force. I will be thinking of you, and those you are honoring that day and their families.

Thank you, Beat, and Susan Ringwood, for holding this important event.

For more information, visit the Beat site.


  1. I'll be there to watch Marcella holding a candle.

    You can't miss me - I'm the 6ft brunette weeping proudly into a less than white hankie.

    The service is actually in London, Southwark Cathedral but the charity is based in Norfolk and Charlotte also came from there.


  2. This makes me incredibly sad. I am so glad they are doing that. If this were in the US I would be there, remembering my Mom. SO much needs to be done for ED research and treatment so that fewer people die from these illnesses. Way to go, BEAT!

  3. Sarahlynn

    We are going to light candles for everyone who has been lost. I can have a candle lit for your mother, if you would like.

    Let Laura know and she will forward you my email. I would be honoured to have a candle lit for your mother. This is not exclusively for the UK but for the whole world.



  4. I think it shows a reality that people, including those in the insurance business, miss... that people do die... that this is a serious problem that needs attention.

    It's also quite saddening.


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