Don't be so smart!

The judge who says that intelligent parents turn divorce nasty makes an interesting observation. I wonder if my parents should feel insulted for not being smart enough?  I'm not sure I agree, as miserable divorces seem to be so common and don't seem to discriminate.

But this part is true and is one reason I so admire my parents for their (intelligent) and mature ability to divorce and remarry with minimum pain to my brothers and I: that parental discord makes the children into "both the battlefield and the ammunition."

I don't know if it is a matter of intelligence but I sure hate it when parents bash their children's parents. It's like trying to saw off your own arm.


  1. Laura

    As the child of a civilised divorce, where my parents made a great effort never to "diss" each other in front of us, I would say I was lucky. Maybe you and I are blessed with courteous parents.



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