What's next? Boils and a rain of frogs?

I know there are more important things to worry about but ...I'm under siege here.

How well would you sleep in a room with dozens and dozens of THESE dive bombing you and scrabbling about:

I thought not.

Well I got rid of them one by one by one - a stinky and messy business, I assure you - and I think I've blocked their entrance but look: they want in!

Sigh. I just checked. They're still coming in. Gah!


  1. As a bug enthusiast I find this post really interesting and a welcome break from EDs.

    What are these things? I've never seen one before. I assume they're a sort of beetle? And why do they stink?

    Oh, and I hope you didn't hurt them...

  2. OMG....willies...ewww. And they do really really stink if you squish them. EEEWWWWW. Poor Laura. I have heard of 17 year cicada hatches, but stink bugs? OMG!

  3. Cathy,

    There's a link above to the Wikipedia page on them. As for not hurting them.....

    I'm sorry but they are an invasive alien species to our area and have no natural predators. I can't catch and release - and oh my goodness if this blog had scratch and sniff you'd be begging me to dispose of them. Humanely, of course.

  4. OK, I'll forgive you... and I'm keen to read up on these little buglets. I have an infestation of huge male Tegenaria Gigantea spiders at present but they're harmless, don't smell and are actually rather cute when viewed close up with magnification... Eight lovely eyes and furry palps. They run across the floor at night seeking out females to mate with :D

  5. EEEEWWW! EEEEWWWW!!!! YUCKY! (I am such a baby when it comes to bugs...)

  6. Classic! In Oz we are literally having a locust plague at the moment (with worse to come given recent flooding!) How biblical is that!

  7. In my house, spiders are put outside and stink bugs flushed. Fortunately I don't have NEARLY the infestation you do, Laura, or my water bill would be astronomical.


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