Home! and counting

Three weeks on the road, three trips, five beds, a high school reunion weekend, a beach vacation, an unexpected cross country business trip, a family wedding weekend, two behind the scenes crises on the forum, two family crises, one ER visit, two crowded hotel rooms, numerous successful family interventions - my own and for F.E.A.S.T., several late nights, one brave college administrator who stood up to ED after learning the word "anosognosia," 30 hours of driving, and we're home. HOME!

I don't know what the difference is between work and time off since the two just seem to be proportions of the other these days. I can't say I'm back at "work" now that I'm home - because I didn't stop working - but I will say that I am glad to be able to plant myself in one place and able to organize myself and my time without (as much) distraction.

Here's news: I'm chagrined and happy to report I only lost it ONCE, which makes me realize how much better I am at managing stress. Years ago it would have taken far less to make me cry, wail, or whine. Either age or experience or better emotional management skills - probably all of the above - have left me better at it all.

My kids were great. When I did have my raised voice weeping moment they hugged me, got me dinner, and got me laughing again. My husband came in on a white horse several times. My mom and grandma and daughter and I kept one another amused...and well-dressed. I got to meet one of my heroes, see leading characters of past lives, join in a truly blessed event, and sit quietly to hear my grandmother's blessings over meals in such a way that defined "grace."

Now, to unpack both email and baggage!


  1. Wow! You packed a lot of living into 3 weeks. Sounds like you handled it so well, and when you finally broke down, your loved ones were around to see you through it. That's the way life should be.

  2. I'm glad your "home" in one piece and thankful I had the pleasure of traveling with you in your Blackberry. may it one day be in person!


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