Guest post: Alicia

I'm in the middle of a three week travel blitz, so a very good time for a guest post:

Alicia writes:
I'm so honored to be given the opportunity to do a guest post on Laura's blog. I few months ago I read about an opportunity for artists on this blog to submit their work to a show to benefit the Duke Center for Eating Disorders. The proceeds go to families and patients who are not able to afford treatment for their eating disorder. I submitted my work and 2 of my photographs were chosen!

Art for Eating Disorders
is an event on August 12th at the West End Wine Bar in Durham NC for the silent auction of art inspired by recovery, or by eating disorders. The program hopes to inspire discussion on this topic. As a photographer (and designer) I hope to inspire those who are struggling to see the beauty in the world, and see nature's imperfections as beautiful, not flaws. I love to photograph water because for me it is about cleansing, and renewal. If you're able to attend, it's a great cause for an amazing program--thanks!! Plus who doesn't love art and wine?!

I love to help out in any way I can so I'm offering to donate $10 to NEDA and free shipping to anybody who purchases works through my website if they mention reading about this post. Thanks Laura!

**Alicia also has her own team for the October NEDA Walk.


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