Walk, don't run, to this event

OK, so I know I went off on a rant about exercise-based eating disorder events a while back, but I'm going to exercise my cognitive flexibility and reject black and white thinking and modulate that message. I've given it a lot of thought and I'm stepping off my high horse (other, ruder, suggestions were made, thank you.). Active events, within reason, bring people together in a positive way, and there isn't a good reason eating disorder events can't involve moderate exercise for healthy participants.

The NEDA walks, for example, are short strolls and include messages to nourish oneself and not participate unless healthy enough. I know of at least three healthy adult caregivers who have taken on physically challenging events as part of their awareness and fundraising campaigns as well. You may know this one.

So, in that spirit, I share a flyer I recently received:

Click on the flyer for more information.


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