Maudsley matures along with the patients

The Maudsley Parents website has produced an important video that addresses a very serious gap in the eating disorder literature: young adult patients.

Family-Based Treatment for Anorexia Nervosa in Young Adults

Due to research drop-out rates there isn't much data at all on what can be helpful for older patients.

Due to slow and wrong-thinking treatments out there that fail too many young patients and leave them ill, there are far too many patients living with illness that lingers into early adulthood and as their relationships deteriorate and their chance of recovery decreases.

A lot of the calls and emails I get are from families who missed the early opportunity to intervene and want to know whether they can try Family-Based Maudsley type of therapy with a loved one who is already legally an adult and may be attending college or living independently. Most have been told "Maudsley doesn't work with older patients" and many of them are told this about patients as young as 16. This is a mis-reading of the facts, and often represent those biased against or threatened by FBT. We don't know what works with older patients, but we know for sure that what is currently done has a dismal rate of success. Every month I hear from another family or two who have successfully engaged in Family-Based Maudsley therapy and home-refeeding with older patients.

All I want is for parents to know about this option - as early as possible. What they decide and whether it is appropriate is up to them.


  1. Just watched this - GREAT video, esp for those of us with young adults who are in need of treatment!


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