Yes, Laura does think of other things...

You probably think I live, eat, dream, and drool the Maudsley approach, right? Well, I talk most about that because I'm addressing what families can do, because it is the only really well-studied approach, and because it works. I also talk about it because too few other people are doing so.

But the truth is I'm really interested in a lot of ideas out there that may be helpful in treatment IN ADDITION TO THE FOOD.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, for example. Cognitive Remediation Therapy, too.
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and of course Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

I still also hope that new information on things like leptin and ghrelin, norepinephrine and serotonin, the insula, hypocortisolemia, PANDAS, autoimmune disease, and vitamin/micronutrient metabolism will lead to medical interventions that will help or even cure this condition.


  1. FBT is not just food.

  2. Oh for goshsakes did someone say it was? Not me.

    If anyone gets THAT from me, then, well, they're not listening. But it would represent progress anyway, since we're even discussing it!

  3. The all caps IN ADDITION TO THE FOOD as you moved on to non-FBT interventions is what created the impression.

  4. Guilty as charged.

    If taken only in the context of this post. (And missing the point.)

    It gives me great pleasure to reach the point that other people make the distinction and defend it. I welcome it.

  5. Sorry. That was a snippy response.

    What I meant to say is that the other therapies must also include full nutrition, not that FBT is all about the food.

    For some reason people tend to think that food is only medicine if you are using the Maudsley FBT approach and is optional with any other approach. Immediate and full refeeding should be part of any eating disorder treatment, period.

  6. I read a FAQ on a well renound IP site recently regarding their program; "Do I have to eat?".
    The answer was a politley worded yes.
    What floored me was that this Q was even in the FAQ's.

  7. I would love to hear you talk more about these other methods that you're interested in! I, must admit, I have wondered the same thing, though I try to be much more civil about it and recognize that different people have different experiences, approaches they prefer, etc. I'm sure there are some people who read my blog and wish that I would move on from DBT & kindness in my discussions of treatment!


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