Passport? Check! Car keys? Nein!

I recently received invitations to speak at conferences in London and Salzburg next year. I used to be a travel agent and still enjoy travel, but I never drive overseas. And who can blame me? In London they drive on the left and in Austria they drive indoors!

Salzburg Congress Conference Room

Seriously, if you live near London or Salzburg, I'd love to meet you. Come to EDIC or ICED! Or both. But drive carefully.


  1. Congrats on your invitations to speak abroad! I am with you about a reluctance to drive in England. I was watching a BBC drama the other day (called "Collision"!) that had lots of driving scenes. It all seemed so wrong. I know that I wouldn't be able to react quickly enough to be safe on the road there.

  2. I on the other hand am very proud of my husband for learning very quickly to drive on the "right" side of the road in Boston in the evening. We didn't hit a thing, but we did pay the toll three times as we went round and round.

  3. I'm with Kristine! Hong Kong is my only experience with reversed directions and I was completely disoriented.

    But you know what, driving in Boston might be scarier - I grew up in Massachusetts but they're a whole another breed of driver over there!

  4. They drive indoors?? WEIRD!

  5. Laura would love to meet you in London; which day are you scheduled to speak? It looks like I am only eligible for the Saturday programme. (BTW, while happy to drive on either side of the road (as appropriate), London is probably best left to those with intimate knowledge of both the one way systems and the parking).

  6. Thursday at noon. I'm glad you'll be there on Saturday. Let's email closer to March and work out the details?

  7. Dear Laura,

    I, too, would love to meet you when you come to London. If you would like somewhere to stay that is less corporate than a hotel, then please do come and stay with us - we have a couple of spare bedrooms and live in a beautiful part of the city.

    Thank you for your messages of support.

    With best wishes, Hope.

  8. Hope,

    You are very kind!
    Email me directly and we'll see about getting together.


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