Waddle we do, Fat Mummies?

What I love about the otherwise silly and irrelevant 'designer,' Karl Lagerfeld, is that he's right: the low weights of fashion models are not a sign of or a cause of anorexia.

He's wrong about pretty much everything else, of course. His clothes and his industry and his ability to get people to prance about in his clothes and get other people to watch all disgust me. His belief that beauty belongs only to the ectomorphic is patently wrong. His disparagement of 'fat mummies' makes me want to change my blog name to "Fat Mummies Unite" and wonder if being a Fat Mummy bestows some special wisdom to see through the nonsense.

But: low weight is no more a thing to be disparaged and pathologized than small ears or unusually red hair. It doesn't solve the problem of our bizarre fixation on a very small sliver of the population (very tall, very lean, large eyes and heads) to turn it back by insulting those body types. Thin is not anorexia. Fat is not an illness. Hate, however - and snobbery - may indeed need a DSM number when it gets this ugly.


  1. The quotes I saw were worse.
    "You've got fat mothers with their bags of chips sitting in front of the television and saying that thin models are ugly." is what I read here http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/germany/6312233/Karl-Lagerfeld-curvy-women-should-stay-off-the-catwalk.html
    I no longer have much time for the fashion industry, Zoolander had it pretty well covered as far as I was concerned, but Karl Lagerfeld - what can you say?

  2. Maybe we all need to go out and buy some chips and sit in front of our (silent) TVs and consider how fashion designers can get quoted in the media less and smart fat mummies MORE.

  3. He's just an awful person to think that only skinny people deserves to be called beautiful. I don't think low weight fashion models are the cause of anorexia as well. It's the pressure to look like them that fosters anorexia.
    Unfortunately maybe Karl has forgotten we was also once morbidly obese. If we got judged then that he doesn't deserve to be part of the beauty industry simply because he was fat maybe he'd be singing a different tune right now.


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