The pain-relieving powers of cuss words

Ever given birth? Passed a kidney stone? Smashed a finger with a hammer?
Well, there's a reason for bleeping out the words we use on those occasions: cussing is a pain-reliever especially for women.

Two stalwart moms I know mentioned the therapeutic need to yell a blue streak as things "went pear-shaped" yesterday. In their honor I declare today as Curse at ED Day. For all the parents around the world who could use a good yell into a pillow, cry in the shower, speaker-damaging decibels on the car radio, or just a bracing round of 'f*&^%$ you ED' today, a tutorial:

(cover baby's ears)


  1. Son to mother of AN daughter:"You say BLINKING a lot." Well yes I do, and I know know why.

  2. Yeah, Anon, and I (the mom of a daughter with ED) say "freaking" a lot. And when no children are around, I let loose with the originals. It feels so *&%# good!

  3. my mum thinks i have anger problems because i swear alot when i get frustrated. :P


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