I'll take depression, thank you

Reason 135 we need the public to have a better understanding of mental illness: there shouldn't be any stigma.

A comparison of stigma toward eating disorders versus depression


  1. I completely believe the results of that study about EDs and depression, and think that with the proper education, the right approaches, and by using our voices, we can change that stigma. It's what I'm all about. :) And it's very much what you're about too. Making people aware... spreading realities.

  2. Thank. You. So. Much.

    Reading this makes me so sad. It's just incredible that people:

    1. think this is something *I* want
    2. admire me for this semi-suicidal tendency.

    (please note, I say semi-suicidal because what else is starving yourself? it's not self-control. it's severe pain.)

    I annoyed many young women at my school because my ED was just attention seeking in their eyes. That misconception and misunderstanding hurt so much at the time, and reading this makes me aware of how much hurt I still carry about this. (Only now I'm strong enough to fight and educate back!)

  3. Here's for spreading realities and fighting and educating and kicking stigma in the rear!!!!!!!!!!


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