Who needs food?

I'm mildly amused to report that I have been diagnosed with a nutritional deficiency. Ironically, in this case it isn't "about the food," because Vitamin D is really more about sun exposure. My understanding is that I would have trouble at my age getting enough Vitamin D from the sun unless I wish to move farther south and take up nudism. (The moving thing is not out of the question, I suppose.) Dietary Vitamin D is tough to get enough of, so I'm on little white pills.

A self-proclaimed "food is medicine" nut gets sick from the only nutrient you get without eating, huh?



  1. Laura,

    Take it from someone who lives far south and has two kiddos who has had plenty of sun exposure and yet low levels of D on blood tests recently...it's not just the sun.

    From what I've researched the liver still has to convert/breakdown the nutrient and from memory, kidneys also do something with it to help body utilize it. I'm not sure if my kids have a problem with utilizing it or not.

    Not only is D good for bones, it's also good for colon and mental health!

    Not sure if this has been studied, think I read it on Vitamin D council, but gel caps are better absorbed. Doesn't salmon have D?


  2. Laura,
    Thanks for sharing this valuable information. I live in Minnesota and since I've started taking Vitamin D I no longer get that slump of energy and mood that I always got during our long winters with very few hours of daylight. I think I've always had S.A.D. - Seasonal Affective Disorder. Since my chiropractor suggested I start taking D a few years ago, I now have energy and my usual upbeat mood all winter long. I still take it in the summer as I am inside a lot. I think this is so important for families who are living with mental health issues such as eating disorders. It is such a simple way to boost your mood.
    Becky Henry

  3. Awww, yeah, that sucks. But don't feel bad -- I think some of the Nutrition Authorities, who normally poo-poo using supplements for the average population, recommended that some people absolutely require vitamin D supplementation, because in North America it can be impossible to get enough from sun exposure alone. Luckily, some food is fortified with it too (like margarine, and of course milk.)


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