I'm absolutely positive that snarkiness and suspicion should be my response to the Love My Life email I got yesterday. It is, after all, a commercial enterprise and a conscious attempt to 'go viral' via the social media's capricious winds, and not entirely original. As a rule, I don't do cute or bumper stickers, don't forward jokes, never send greeting cards.

But it has been That Kind Of Week and, frankly, people sell me cynicism and the false cool of cold every day. When things are good, or even when things are tough, there are times when #LML really is the right response. I'm a very fortunate person with so much to be thankful for.

LML. There, I said it: LML.


  1. Thanks for sharing that- I smiled just reading them. I love reading Kim's gratitudes at the end of her blog posts and this is in the same vein.

    I don't think I'll ever give up the snark and cynicism (partly because it's fun!) but it's nice to just remember that good things do happen every day.


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