The missing link - FINALLY - on planning meals

The biggest complaint among parents attempting to successfully implement the Family-Based Maudsley approach at home is meal planning.
I was terrible at it. I knew what I had to do, I understood the concepts, but I had been an intuitive eater and an intuitive feeder - I had no idea what I was doing when it came to planning and serving family meals suitable for my daughter's re-feeding.

I hear this all the time: "But what do I make?" "What about vitamins?" "Should I count calories?" "Is this healthy?"
So it is with glee and enormous relief that I introduce a book that I've watched develop and have looked forward to being able to recommend to parents: Feeding Your Anorexic Adolescent, by Claire P. Norton, MS RD. Among the things parents will love: practical advice that "is about the food," Dr. James Lock's quote on the back, the wonderful and empowering epigraphs throughout the book, the chapter summaries, the straightforward and wholesome and energy-dense recipes.

For those who follow the eating disorder world and the Family-Based Maudsley debates, you will enjoy the complete lack of nonsense. This book includes so much that a parent needs to hear, and leaves out all the stuff they don't.

I've met Claire in person, I'm happy to say. I've eaten in her kitchen - delicious scones. I've cooked some of the recipes to the approval of my children. I'm proud to have this book in my kitchen, and on my list of recommended books.**

**It has been a good year for Maudsley books, hasn't it? And more to come, by the way...


  1. Laura,

    I tried to click on link for book to find out more info and went to
    "page not found"

  2. Yipes! I think I fixed it. THANK YOU!

  3. I ordered this and got two of the remaining 5 copies on Amazon (new copies) THANK YOU!!


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