The book I want you to read first (not mine)

Imagine this:
  • A book to clearly describe the history and concepts of the Family-Based Maudsley approach.

  • A book with a range of real, detailed, and telling family stories.

  • A book that is accessible, well-written and focused.

  • A book that does not shy away from the very hard and frightening issues, yet isn't scary.

  • A book free of the myths of the past.

  • A book with no agenda or dogma.

  • An indictment of poor treatment seen in contrast to the incredible potential of good treatment.

  • A celebration of effective clinicians and loving families.

  • A work of optimism and belief in the concept of family.
That book is now available in Australia, and in the UK. It will be available next month in the US. June Alexander has written the book I would like to see any family facing this illness given on the first day of diagnosis. "My Kid is Back" is a dream come true.

** And no, I don't get a commission or a prize and I don't endorse books unless I really believe in them. I wouldn't do that to fellow parents. If you don't believe me, let me send you the list of people who I've really annoyed by declining to write about his or her book. No one asked me to talk about this book. It stands on its own as a very much needed tool for parents and it has shot to the top of my recommendations.


  1. Sounds great. I'll be getting it.

  2. I've pre-ordered it on Amazon!

  3. June Alexander (the author) will be at NEDA this year, so if you're going, you can get your book signed!

  4. LynneUKmum, I am going to be meeting June in September in London. I am waiting for the book to arrive with bated breath!


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