Celebrating Internet moms

I know there's a lot of nonsense on the Internet, and a lot of us who bring printouts to the doctor's office get laughed at and some deservedly so. But the Internet saved my daughter's life, allowing my family to get the information we needed and would never have been told - about the Maudsley approach.

I know of many families who found the information they needed through Google and PubMed and message boards. Information on diagnosis, on treatment, on books to read, on avoiding bad treatment, misdiagnoses, drug side-effects, diagnostic tests, and on finding specialist clinicians.

Here's one particularly inspirational story: A Mother's Love and Determination

**Thanks, LeslieG, for the lead!


  1. I saw this on the news last night and totally thought of you and my mom and all of the other rockin' parents at FEAST and on the forum. What a great story!

  2. Thanks for sharing this Laura. I have to wonder how many are still out there with undiagnosed illnesses.It's great to hear about perseverance and the rewards.
    Oh, Hi Carrie! Hope you're getting settled during this time of healing. Thinking of you.

  3. I'm an internet mom too and found FEAST two days before my daughter was hospitalized for AN. Her doctor was already in the process of searching for treatment centers, out of state, because she was too young for anyone in our state to admit her. We were looking into Remuda.

    Thank God we found FEAST and ATDT and was able to refeed at home. I presented the doc with FEAST info and she accepted it and has been very accomodating to any information I bring her and has a file now just for ED related material she said and puts my info I give her in the file for her to keep and refer to!

  4. I agree. F.E.A.S.T. is a good place for parents and others to find when they need support or info regarding treatment of ED's.
    Laura is yet another mom we can celebrate, having been determined enough to put her energy into helping others find the right path, she kept going forward despite many logs placed on the path. She's a true warrior.
    We've learned that crises sometimes bring blessings Laura. Let's watch and see what this last one brings.


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