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What is not to love about a "Database of Uncertainties?"

Forget the article and the treatment discussed, can I just tell you how lovely it is for me to see this choice of words: brain disorder" used in this NBC piece? Back a few years ago I would have wept to get that validation for the idea that was getting me treated so poorly by fellow parents and in clinician's offices. Just the fact that a parent can see that written in a major news story is huge and not to be taken for granted. It is still rare, but as it becomes normal I think the way society uses the words "anorexia" and "bulimia" and "eating disorder" will change.

Sleep Maudsley?
Early Intervention For Children Of Parents With Bipolar Disorder: "The Pitt researchers believe that irregular schedules during adolescence, in combination with other risk factors, may increase the chances that an adolescent with a family history of bipolar disorder could develop mood symptoms. During treatment, a trained IPSRT therapist works together with the youth and family to improve stability in the teen's daily schedules and sleep cycles and to help enhance his or her interpersonal relationships."

The irony of the following really needs no explanation to parents of eating disorder patients: Dieting as an interrogation technique


  1. Speaking from personal experience,1,000 calorie/day diets are truly torturous.

  2. I dare say there are some very cynical clinicians out there who won't love the Database of Uncertainties either because it is available to lay people who might read it and challenge the professionals, or because it is from NICE and therefore must be a cunning sop to stop people asking the really challenging questions like how come so much of the NHS budget goes on administration rather than clinical care - but yes, to me it's great. It's also going to be a great help to my student daughter in her essay writing so thank you for alerting us to it.


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