unintended consequences

The truth: good intentions aren't always the best guide to success:

In our zeal to prevent ulcers, we also kill a bacteria that may be protective against asthma and other conditions.

An unintended consequence of skin cancer prevention may be that we put people at greater risk for MS and other illnesses by lowering Vitamin D

More examples of Treatments That Don’t Work **

There is great disdain for evidence-based practices in some circles, including much of the eating disorder world. People believe that what they do should work. They don't like formulas for determining care plans. They believe in clinical judgement. But emotion and bias are risks to be wary of as well.


  1. I have seen first-hand the disdain some eating disorder treatment providers have for evidence-based practices. What is really disturbing is that some providers don't recognize they have that disdain, and others secretly harbor it but don't tell parents, so parents assume the treatment is evidence-based when it is not. Let's have full disclosure, as we expect with all other illnesses. Anything short of that is unethical, probably even illegal, because it amounts to treating patients without the INFORMED consent of the patient or, in the case of minors, parents.

  2. Evidence based is way too simple for some people to get or try first. Fear can make people make wrong choices and not trust themselves enough to consider that they might be able to actually help someone they care about get well. Not to mention there is way less money in cures than keeping someone's health dragging along on the border.
    I am one of the discouraged and disappointed in much of what today medicine tries to pawn off as medicine.There are some wonderful new cures and research to be done and I respect that. Sometimes though, I think the quacks are the ones who practice with a license and try to make fun of anything too simple or outside the box they learned in.
    Evidence based will require people to learn to trust themselves and I'm not sure medicine is ready for people to be responsible for their health.
    Keep educating and sharing what you know works. Change like this is way too slow, I know.
    I could go on and on Laura. I'll save it!


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