A few people asked me to give more information on the FREED Act that was the main focus of Lobby Day in early April.

If you want to read and track this bill, here's a nifty tool: H.R. 1193: Federal Response to Eliminate Eating Disorders Act of 2009.

This legislation, if it becomes law, would be the first comprehensive U.S. law on eating disorders at a federal level. It has three components:
  • Research
  • Treatment
  • Education and Prevention
The FREED Act focuses on getting good statistics on rates of illness and on evidence-based treatment. It would provide for three Centers of Excellence for research and treatment - a model that has worked well in other medical fields. And it would have a significant educational component for the public and for educators and doctors.

The bill needs co-sponsors in the House. Please call your US representative to ask them to co-sponsor. Our Virginia team walked into legislators' offices and asked, and sometimes got, support for the bill. Other representatives have signed on because of phone calls from constituents. You may make the difference in your region with one phone call or letter.


  1. Is Adam Schiff on board? He is a very good rep from the so cal area. If not, I can contact him.


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