I no longer believe that eating disorders are the great killers and maimers of our children.

The obstacle isn't the illness - we have the science to fight this illness - it is the delayed, chaotic, incoherent, unscientific DABBLING that we all do in response.

It takes informed, dogged, well-armed families to face this illness. It takes a readiness and willingness to face the reality of this head on. We need a clinical team ready to back us up, educate us, and believe in our child's recovery no matter how bad things are now.

Too many people in positions of authority are too willing to give their opinions and services on eating disorders without knowing how little they know and what harm they can cause. No one dabbles in oncology. Manicurists don't offer to do foot surgery. If we could do one single thing to improve the state of eating disorder recovery , one significant thing, it would be to get the dabbling to stop, and evidence-based clinicians to step forward into the breech!


  1. Wow! Right on!

    The cure for this disorder is really quite simple. Its implementing it without knowledgeable support that's difficult!


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