AED Conference, Cancun, Cancelled


I just got word that the Academy for Eating Disorders conference in Cancun has been cancelled. That was probably a tough call for them, and a big disappointment for so many people. But the right call; the situation is still so uncertain. Many were cancelling even before the call.

Time to unpack.


  1. As you say, a tough call although probably by far the best one. So sorry that you have done so much work that won't be used immediately, but it WILL all be useful at some point.

  2. Wow, that is nuts. I just emailed my T and told her, though I'm sure she knows. That's craziness. I guess you won't be giving her some beach sand for me.

  3. Better to be standing than fighting the flu.
    Disheartening, yes.
    Perhaps Austria 2010?


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