Washington Post piece about Maudsley Approach

It would be a great day if it was only that the Washington Post published a piece on eating disorders that had great, useful information.

It would be terrific to get just one Googleable mention of "Maudsley" in a major newspaper.

I'd be tickled any day to be quoted in the Post, and have a link to F.E.A.S.T. out there for parents to find when they need it.

I love that since I know Tom, I can hear exactly how it sounds when he says: "Contrary to the general belief that kids with anorexia nervosa have an iron will, it's the exact opposite..."

But there is a special joy in the fact that A Girl's Suffering Drove Her Parents to Explore a New Anorexia Treatment is written by my friend, Carrie Arnold.

Carrie, thank you for giving the public a well-written, moving, USEFUL article that will live on for years. One thing I hear a lot from parents is "if I'd only known then" and "no one told me that this was an option." Well, a lot of families will now "know now" and someone "told them." And often, that is all a family needs to get going in the right direction.

You have saved lives today, Carrie. And futures, and families.

Deeply grateful, on behalf of our family and all the many families who need this,
Your fan and friend and admirer,


  1. Laura,

    I just read the article and am THRILLED for you, the organization, and those with anorexia. One of my board members gave me the head's up and I went right to the WP web site! Congratulations!!

    Chevese Turner

  2. Okay, stop making me blush!

    No really, I'm glad you like it. Like really really glad. I'd toast you with a shake but it's freezing out and so you'll have to do with a latte instead.

  3. Another score for the Carrie Arnold fan club!! Thank you Carrie, the Grieco and Collins families, and the Washington Post.

  4. I loved your quote about not "forcing" kids to eat, but rather saving their lives.


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