New Hope, PA

The amazing, new, unprecedented quality of this event
Jazz concert benefits victims of eating disorders
is how NORMAL it seems.

That a brother would organize a concert to recognize and honor the victims of an illness is admirable and beautiful. It is always uplifting when a community comes together to support citizens and a good cause.

But I am blown away by the difference in tone and quality with most eating disorder events and news coverage. Not a whiff of victim-hood and shame. A clear and direct explanation of eating disorders. Jazz music!

And all this from a high school student. I salute this young man from - you're not going to believe this - New Hope, Pennsylvania:
Jazzed for a Cure


  1. I have been in treatment twice (rooming with once) his sister, and met Steven a good number of times during those periods. He always seemed more intuitive, understanding, and caring than many boys his age, even years ago when his sister was first hospitalized. I'm impressed with his initiative and actions, but knowing him, not surprised.


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