Balanced children

Well we all know how an eating disorder puts everyone in the family off balance, but this is intriguing:

Childhood balance problems linked to anxiety

Co-existing anxiety disorders, and sub clinical anxiety problems, are highly associated with eating disorders. I've heard many accounts of falling and fainting. And clearly, eating disorder patients suffer from proprioceptive issues and body dysmorphia - all magnified by malnutrition. I will look with interest on further research in this direction.


  1. Laura, and others: Do you all know of any blogs for adults who are recovering from anorexia? I have been looking for pro-health websites of people who are on the other side of it. I'd also love to start an online or in person, Los Angeles-based support group. Any takers?

  2. Really interesting article! This is the quote that really got me:

    "While not all kids with anxiety have balance problems, all those with balance problems do exhibit symptoms of anxiety...."


  3. Anonymous,
    Check out Carrie Arnold's blog.

  4. Rachel has a great list of recovery blogs:


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