Carnival of Eating Disorders

Welcome to the 20th Carnival of Eating Disorders, generally ably hosted by Isabella Mori at Change Therapy. As I am a guest host, Isabella being the true Ringmaster, I shall happily take the role of Carnival Barker to announce the attractions!

Step right up ladies and gentlemen, and enter the tent.

To intrigue and draw you in, we present the question of whether eating disorders are chronic illnesses, courtesy of Dr. O’Toole at Kartini, and whether to use the term recovered or ‘in remission.’ Please do not fight in the aisles - it distresses the elephants..

For a balancing act to rival the great Chinese acrobats, Cowcakes describes what Intuitive Eating really is.

In the Haunted House attraction, the Coping With Life blog talks about research linking a history of child sexual abuse with bulimia (though not anorexia):

Taming the wild beast of modern food choices is the New Matilda, with whip and chair, in a review of the Michael Pollan book, “In Defense of food” in a post titled “The Simple Life is Not So Simple”.

Under the Big Top are three rings, and on the theme of circles we can announce the solo show: “Sitting In Circles With Rich White Girls: Memoirs Of A Bulimic Black Boy” brought to us by the Virtual World.

And now a spotlight on the next ring, where long overdue discussion of race and culture tries to tame the lions of both body image and racism at Amptoons.

Third ring: we examine closely the clowns, and then consider the models: where Carrie discusses some of the ongoing concern for models and their health and their effect on the audience. Shield your eyes if you are sensitive.

Isabella sends in Sister Meg Funk, with refreshments: “Eating too little or eating too much is equally harmful “ she asserts in an eponymous blog.

While William Bay works the strobe lights with a message on the Cyclical Nature of Fast Food and Depression at Fast Food Confessional.

On the fairway, don’t forget to stop by the house of mirrors for Female Body Image’s post on Eating Disorders, for no extra charge as the two are often a package deal. And a truly optimistic moment on Mirrors in the House.

You may notice we don’t have the usual Fat Lady on display at this carnival – but since we don’t label people by their weight we couldn’t find any. Nor will you hear any chiding of children for their bodies or food, because the management thinks yammering about weight doesn’t work and even in our Freak Show we can’t find evidence of an Obesity Epidemic.

We have decided, however, to keep in the sawing a man in half trick – but in this case we’re sawing the guy who decided to make Boy Scouts obsess on their weight. And we may not put him back together.

And if you seek a fortune teller, the future may be told in a hopeful light by Here and Now 4 Angel in her post title: Health and Happiness.

That’s the Carnival for September, and as we bring down the tent we remind you to read previous 2008 Carnivals: (September 1, July 31, May 31, February 29, and January 1) and check in again at Change Therapy for the next Carnival on October 31, and your entries are welcomed for that Carnival: Submit to the Carnival of Eating Disorders.

(Thank you, Isabella, for this opportunity to host the Carnival!)


  1. thank you so much for hosting this! you did a fabulous job. i'm looking forward to hosting more of your articles in the upcoming carnivals.

  2. Yes, Laura- thank you! And for including me!

    I would also like to say that we should probably include a stop for elephant ears next time. And a corn dog. ;)


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