A unified theory?

I love the title, naturally: The fault is not in her parents but in her insula but I've also been a long-time fan of some of the authors.

I've pointed to Lask's work before in this blog and my website. I'm happy to say that Frampton is on F.E.A.S.T.'s Advisory Panel.

I wrote of Nunn's kindness back in 2003 in my book.

And he said something back then that strikes me now: that we'd probably understand this illness "in five years."

I'm off to get a copy of the paper with great anticipation. I am so deeply grateful for those out there who are trying to understand this illness.


  1. Can you post a full copy of this paper? Or how we can get a copy?


  2. I have a copy, which one of the authors sent me. It is available (for sale) online. But since it isn't in the public domain I can't post it.

    I am planning to discuss it in more depth in a future post, though!

    Very dense, very interesting if you like this sort of thing (I do!)


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