A message in a bottle that never made it to my beach

I did not see this video when it came out in 1999. I did not see it in 2002 when my daughter became ill. I saw it today for the first time, because a kind parent posted a link at Around the Dinner Table and another thoughtful parent urged me to link to it at FEAST.

I wonder how much easier our family's journey would have been if I'd seen the BBC video "Living_on_Air" back then. How much less uncertain would I have felt as I tentatively brought up biology to the disdain of a succession of people I assumed knew better than I.

Knowing now that it existed then actually pains me. Since then I've met some of the people interviewed and become huge fans of their work. And I've been around to see the beginning of real changes. But still it irks me: the content in this video will still, in 2008 be a surprise to too many patients, their families, and clinicians. This tool that I will now be urging parents to watch was available all along.


  1. Patients at UNC-Chapel Hill's inpatient unit watch this video during a "Media Watch" group on Saturdays. This, as well as one on the Ansel Keyes starvation study.

  2. wow, what a great video. I wish I had seen it earlier in my daughter's recovery. Finding the right help for her was so hard. Even her physician did not seem to grasp the seriousness of this illness and treated it as choice my daughter was making. Thanks for sharing the link.


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