Making the Internet a safer place to be...

I'm staying at a relative's house with no wireless. Imagine: our campground had five bars, but suburban Virginia...nada.

So I have Panera Bread's free wifi to thank for being able to blog today. The manager just offered me a free smoothie, so I'm duty bound to credit the resource. May have to buy another sandwich...

F.E.A.S.T. has a new project to announce: the Media Outreach Project. We've already had some successes in asking websites and organizations to update their information about eating disorder science and the role of parents in recovery.

Please join us in identifying places where parents might get outdated information, and in praising sources that 'get it.'

Let's make the Internet and other media a safer place for vulnerable families seeking information.


  1. My first thought was: wouldn't it be easier to identify places that *didn't* have misinformation? The secion on EDs comes to mind as a place that needs (gentle) correction.

    If you need people to talk to the media ever, use my name.

    I love Panera. My two friends in high school and I would go there before every AP biology exam for soup in a bread bowl and a last minute study session. Also *after* ever AP chemistry exam to relax. I loved their green tea honeydew smoothie they had a while back, too.

  2. a place of misinformation: high school health/PE classes! I had teachers who were taught about EDs in the 80s or god knows when and they told me you can tell by looking at someone if they have an ED, and that you can never recover from one


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