Separation anxiety

My son went off to his first sleepaway camp today. He's ten. I've aged ten years since the vans pulled away. I've cried, laughed, worried, giggled, and now as night falls... my heart hurts.

I know what you're thinking: overinvolved, enmeshed mom.

He's probably laughing right now. There are s'mores and the wonders of a latrine at night ahead of him tonight. Laughing at life, at a camp full of boys just like him, at the prospect of sleeping in a tent and his best friend by his side.

He's not thinking of us right now, but I'm thinking of him.

The EXTREME luxury of having one child off living independently and one child off safely enjoying a new experience: I get it.

But I'm still crying. Sue me. Motherhood is an extreme sport.


  1. Awww, Laura. Hugs to you. I cry when I drop my cat off to board at the vet's...

    But you can miss your son and still be grateful for a healthy family. It's not an either/or thing, you know.

  2. Laura,
    I SO understand what you're experiencing and feeling right now. I don't think it's that unusual at all. You were so right when you said, "Motherhood is an extreme sport."

    I hope your son is having a great time. You'll be fine, I know. Sending along hugs.

  3. I bet your son is having a great time - and if he's missing you he'll probably not let on. His best friend's mother is probably feeling just the same as you are.

  4. I totally understand, family life can be so full, that when you return to basics there is a twinge of separation anxiety.
    It's magnified when the last one leaves the nest for independent life. There is a moment of reflection, followed by the thought of imaginative possibilities and then the freedom. It can also be a time when you pick up the knitting needles and start knitting baby booties?
    Enjoy the moment I'm sure your son will be. How exciting.


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