Please come to Austin!

Please come to the National Eating Disorders annual conference in Austin, Texas, September 18. This conference is designed to be a gathering place for families, clinicians, researchers, teachers, activists: everyone.

There really is nothing like it. You can walk up to authors, researchers, and the leading THINKERS in the ED world and shake hands. You can chat, share a meal, exchange ideas with other families. You can listen to fascinating speakers, and hear about new research and new approaches to treatment.

F.E.A.S.T. will be an exhibitor at NEDA's conference, and we support NEDA's mission to connect all people involved with eating disorders. I'm looking forward to seeing fellow parents and activists again - and meeting new ones.

I was once asked - and once wondered - whether an eating disorder event was grim and technical and sad. After all, eating disorders are no fun, right?

But I can truly say that the mood at these conferences is welcoming, inclusive, and warm. I always leave these events feeling energized and optimistic. Does everyone agree on everything? No. But when better to listen and speak about what matters, and try to bring about change?

Will I see you there? (Registration fees go up July 18 - don't delay. And if you want to cut costs by sharing a room, let me know and I'll help match people up.)


  1. have bought a lottery ticket in the hope of raising the money! Otherwise as Carrie has suggested I'll sit there in front of the screen in a cowboy hat waiting for the reports from you. For any of you who are just a little bit nearer, YES, I'd thoroughly recommend going - the conference I went to over here was great - as well as inspiring and educational it was FUN.

  2. Tell you what, Marcella, I'll send you a belt buckle the size of your head to match the hat. I mean, everything *is* bigger in Texas.

    I was at NEDA 2 years ago, and it was fun. And interesting. And informative. It's a great chance to meet people who can relate, too.


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