Contribute to the maintenance

Parents don't cause eating disorders, and patients don't choose them.

But once you've got an eating disorder in the family, our reaction as parents matters. We can help, or we can harm, and if we do nothing we leave our child alone with an abuser who is unlikely to leave on his own.

I like the phrase "contribute to the maintenance." As loving caregivers, our VERY NATURAL emotional reactions can serve the eating disorder's design. We must know our enemy (ED), and know ourselves.

Assessment of the Family of People with Eating Disorders


  1. How true, know yourself and know you're enemy.
    This research conclusion is the culmination of the "Collaborative Carers..." programme they ran from 06 - 08 which Marcella brought our attention to. Thanks M.
    Janet Treasure will be in Australia in November conducting workshops on the eastern seaboard (Brisbane, Byron Bay, Sydney) relating to this very topic..."Motivational Interviewing and Working with caregivers in a shared care arrangement".

  2. Also Melbourne!
    Another interesting article by the same authors and Wiley Inter Science titled:
    "Collaborative Care between Professionals and Non Professionals in the Management of Eating Disorders. A description of workshops focused on Interpersonal Maintaining Factors"

  3. Look after Prof. Treasure when she's with you. She really does live up to her name, but she is very shy for someone so famous.

  4. You can recover and go on to live a happy, productive life, free of obsessive thoughts and behaviors surrounding food, weight, and body image.
    Eating Disorder Treatment

  5. Here's an interesting interview with Treasure that I found while looking for something else - oh the joys of google!


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