Throwing out the DSM

We don't need the DSM, or the SCOFF, EAT, EDD, BITE, or any of the various diagnostic tools to measure an eating disorder any more, I'm glad to say.

A wise parent has created the pizza test that will with 100% accuracy diagnose an eating disorder at any stage.

And a wise patient has created the definitive muff-cake-and-on-with-your-day scale for measuring recovery.

We're done!


  1. I love that pizza test. So simple. So brilliant.

    But I'm sure to be considered legit in the ED world, we'll need some sort of acronym for it. The "z" letters do make it kind of hard, though.

  2. I think the pizza test should be made official.

    I already read the other blog about recovery and I think "get the hell on with your day" is the best description of recovery there is. The thoughts are still there, but they don't control us anymore.

  3. I hate to be the nay sayer, but my d didn't always resist pizza. My d ate practically everything, just small portions. It made noticing her restriction difficult. Once we started refeeding her, her resistance to foods increased, but it was never consistently one food. One day she'd love pizza and the next she's swear she always hated it.

  4. I have to say my daughter was just the same. When she became an adult the same clinicians who had urged her parents to take control put all the responsibility in her hands, and one of the problems she had was that she couldn't see that she was anorexic, because she passed the Pizza test with flying colours. She didn't score very badly on any of the other attitude type tests either UNTIL she started being re-fed in earnest, and even then the illogical ED was very capricious and changeable -when she wasn't crying that she felt so fat, nost of the time in hospital she claimed that she wanted to come home because she was hungry and wanted to eat more, oh yes, and that the place was full of anorexics.


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