Maybe we should offer a "Visiting Anorexic" service?

Stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination of women:

"Characteristics attributed to targets were less positive for AN than the targets with schizophrenia and mononucleosis.... Having actual contact with an individual with AN related to a positive predicted outcome of and comfort in interacting with the target with AN."


  1. This is surprising, given that, according to "common knowledge," women (esp. college-aged women) tend to idolize anorexia and anorexic behaviors.

  2. Anon,

    You know, that is utterly fascinating. Perhaps some of those negative feelings arise from a type of jealousy. I always attributed encouragements to eat and gain weight to jealousy. Which wasn't true, at least from my friends and family.

    But maybe part of the reason of discomfort was misunderstandings about the cause of AN. I dunno.

    Great point, though.


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