opinions on nearly everything

"Fact is, most people are only well informed on a couple of things, but have opinions on nearly everything."

...my husband's astute assessment as I railed about the futility of convincing people that the current obesity hysteria is a lemming-like march away from science into prejudice and ill health. We were discussing a children's game that measures BMI.

I know nothing about sportfishing, the correct use of the semi-colon, or the Lithuanian language. I know this: Wii Fit is bad science.


  1. Wii Sports is just a fun collection of mini games and completely harmless. It has nothing to do with weight or bmi, you just play sports games such as tennis while swinging the controler like a racquet.

    Wii Fit... well, I own it and like it, but the BMI function isn't meant for children and the game shouldn't be played by anyone that may become obessed with their BMI. It could be harmful to some people.

  2. My bad! I meant Wii Fit. Thank you!


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