Hear her now

I'm really cautious about recovery blogs and memoirs. I find - like hearing my daughter when she was ill - myself arguing and worrying and troubled by flashbacks of trying to give love and get care for someone who can't see that they need it.

But I make an exception with some people. Like Carrie, and FightingForever. Because we can learn and we can get a lot out of cheering for adults reaching escape velocity from this illness.

Read, and watch FightingForever's video: Can you hear me now?


  1. Oh, Laura. I am truly touched. Seriously. I am infinitely glad that other people can benefit from my experiences and writing.

  2. Carrie,

    That was an amazing video. I could feel the sadness and isolation of bulimia. Wow

  3. Escape velocity! I love it.

    My hope is that there be no sacrifices when one escapes this disease. Move away from the orbit. Move towards life. The view from health is much clearer if one wants to do a little research on their disease.
    Wonderful work Carrie and Fightingforever.

  4. Just a clarification: the video is Fightingforever's. Carrie is my hero as well - on a different blog!


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