Back to the Future

Your Jeans and Your Genes: Taking Eating Disorders Out of the Closet

"Things have changed from the time a friend of mine, whose wife had schizophrenia, would come out of family support meetings, where families were basically blamed, and yelled at. He says that families would walk around after these meetings, wandering to the parking lot, kind of shell shocked. That was part of 'treatment' with families."

Still is, I'm afraid, but the illnesses are anorexia and bulimia. If you and your ill loved one are still getting this sort of "family support" trying to determine your faults and asking you to "search within" for reasons why your child is choosing her symptoms - snap a picture: dinosaurs still walk the earth.

Then find one of the rapidly growing number of clinics and clinicians who no longer cling to antiquated notions*. Your child deserves effective care.

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