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Some interesting work in the Czech Republic:
Normalizing effect of bright light therapy on temperature circadian rhythm in patients with eating disorders
CONCLUSION: The light therapy normalized temperature circadian rhythm in patient with eating disorders. We hypothesize that the light therapy can also contribute to improvement of pathological eating pattern because of the functional connections between light and food entrained oscillators. The light may help to restore the irregular circadian rhythmicity induced by chaotic food intake.


  1. Laura,

    I will have to send this paper to you, but I was prowling PubMed and I found a research article about how people with AN didn't have a circadian rhythm to their cortisol levels. I will get that paper to you and read the Czech one and see if they measured cortisol levels.

    (I'm now singing If I were a Rich Man, so thanks.)

  2. Exposure to sunlight and nature has been shown in many scientific studies to have beneficial effects on health. This may be another!
    Unfortunately, many of the residential treatment centers keep patients confined indoors for most of the time.

  3. I heard that sunlight is good for new born babies. Is that true?


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