Parent organization moves forward, but needs a name

I had a pretty profound experience last week. After weeks of consulting people all over the ED-sphere, conversations with my family, fielding queries, and discussions with other parents, we held the first leadership phone conference for the new parent organization - as yet unnamed (see below).

There were nine of us on the call, and I marvelled at the reality of this coming together of parents - voices to attach to names and stories I've mostly only "known" online. Although I have talked by phone and met in person a number of people on the "Around the Dinner Table" Forum, this felt like a historic event.

We have a leadership team, a growing list of volunteers, an illustrious list of clinicians for the Advisory Board, a mission statement, some generous financial pledges, and even a post office box, but here's one thing we need: a name.

The board will vote on a name in the next week or so, but there is time to make suggestions. My idea was "The Family Dinner Table," as that expresses my sense that we are parents forming a circle to support families coming together, but some of the board hoped for a more descriptive name.

If you have a suggestion, this is the time to speak up. What would you name a parent-led organization whose goal is to support families through a child's eating disorder recovery?


  1. If the organization's mission and goals were public that might help generate name ideas that truly fit with your plans. Who are the illustrious clinicians on your advisory board?

  2. Is this organization going to be online only? Where will it be located? What will its format be? Can you tell us more? I tried to connect with you, but was a bit too late!

  3. What about
    Eating together for LIFE (Lifelong Independence from ED's)?

    I always was a bit wordy...

  4. maybe that doesn't say 'parent supported' only...but it could be a bit more inclusive...aunt/uncle, grandparent, boyfriend, teacher support at school...

    I don't know if you want that...

  5. Anne-I like your idea...
    Spinning off of that... What about
    "Parents for LIFE (Living independantly free of Eds_
    1. We are parents for life- no matter if our kids are 13 or 30.
    2. That is what are goal is- for our children to live independently w/out ED)
    I also tossed around "United Parents...Standing UP against EDs together" The "UP" signifying United Parents)
    Maybe if we started throwing things our here we can come up with it together! (ms from forum)

  6. Great questions, great ideas!

    The organization's mission statement - though it is still not finalized - is "(organization name) connects parents and caregivers of eating disorder patients with each other to share information and resources and facilitate parent activism with the goal of reducing the suffering and stigma connected with eating disorders."

    The board members and advisory board members need to sign off on the name and mission before we "go live" and make that announcement - stay tuned.

    This is going to be a broad-based organization with 501c3 status and programs like support groups, phone support, educational programs - not just a web site.

    There are wonderful organizations out there working on legislation (EDC), treatment standards (AED), and other issues. This organization is meant to support parents and caregivers and make sure their needs are addressed in the larger eating disorder world.

  7. Parental LIFE Support?

    just joking...I don't think that would go over too well with adolescents! Just trying to keep a sense of humor.

  8. What about "mirroring" LIFE....Eating For Independent Living.
    There's always plenty of mirrors involved with ED.

  9. F.A.C.E.S.

    Families Against Childhood Eating Disorders Support

    Or something along that line.

  10. HOPE - helping parents of children with eating disorders

  11. Or Eating Well for LIFE?

  12. I like The Family Dinner Table. It sounds friendly and welcoming. Also, I think it's a plus that it's not too descriptive; instead, it sounds kind of intriguing and makes you want to learn more. Think the hip corporate names: Apple, Google, Yahoo, etc. They don't tell you exactly what the company does; they make you curious to learn more. Better than General Motors, Bank of America, etc. Besides, there can always be a subtitle, i.e. The Family Dinner Table, An Organization for Parents Helping Their Children Recover from Eating Disorders.
    Regardless of the name, the idea for this organization is GREAT!!
    concerned dad

  13. PLATE

    Parent-led Advocacy Taking on Eating disorders

    Or PlateFULL?
    With FULL standing for: Families United, Loving and Learning

    Parent-Led Advocacy Taking on Eating disorders (Families United, Loving and Learning)

    A bit wordy. Either way, I think the idea itself is wonderful


  14. The idea of the organization, I mean :)



    I know you've picked a name, but my husband dreamed this up and wanted to submit 'just one more'.

  16. Thanks. I'll tell him. I told him he should have dreamed it up sooner. He said its what he'd want every child to be.


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