a really primitive place

Susan Ringwood of b-eat in the UK understands:

“Parents find that eating disorders hit them in a really primitive place. Feeding your children is a fundamental thing and something you've done since they were born, then suddenly you have to watch them struggle so deeply with food.“

All families blame themselves but they have to know that they are not failing - they're being failed by the system.”


  1. Having contributed to the survey that these comments are based on, I'd agree with Ms Ringwood's comments 100%. Of course the next step is to campaign to rectify the situation which carers and BEAT are joining together to do.

  2. "All families blame themselves"

    Hahaha, I wish. I think any good parent would wonder if they did something wrong, even if they're not at fault. But my mother was not a good parent. My mother NEVER questioned her actions or parenting. I blame her for triggering whatever genetic predisposition I had for an eating disorder.

  3. I'm sorry your mother was unable to give you the caring and nurturing you deserve. I hope your recovery allows your family to heal and apologize and reconnect.

  4. I can say that I have good parents because they give all the nurturing and caring that I deserve...

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