Mom walks the walk

Many of my friends and readers will find something quite familiar about this mother:

Eating disorders charity to benefit as Fiona achieves dream

Bravo, bravo, bravo!


  1. Considering it's the local paper who are famous for their goofs, and that the interview I did with their reported was decidedly "sticky" (Questions like, "it isn't an illness is it?" and "did you think controlling parents caused it? really threw me) it isn't a bad report is it?
    They assure me that they have asked the other paper who took the photo for permission. Mind you they assured me that they'd send me the link when the published and where did I find it? Here!
    Better go off and do my last minute preparation - ie pack some clothes and get some money out of the bank for food on the way.

  2. Marcella,

    Food along the way would definitely be a good thing. Considering it's a walk for an ED charity and all... :)

    I am absolutely delighted you get to do this. Best of luck. Hope the fickle English weather holds out for you.

  3. Marcella go get 'em! What a fantastic event and what an incredible inspiration you are!

    Are you serious re the completely ignorant questioning the reporter spat at you- and that there was no f/u- Laura had the link but they showed no general courtesy? Unbelievable- truly! Well, little did they know what a spit-fire you are!

    Safe journey- and DO pack some food, hope you have good shoes too!


  4. I am very impressed with the program and advocay. You are certainly talking the talk and walking the walk! Way to Go!

  5. Marcella,

    I'm a little late getting here, but I wanted to add my wishes for a wonderful journey. What an inspiration...what an amazing Mom!

  6. Marcella is such a wonderful Mom...

    Go Marcella!!!


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