Long-held, obvious-seeming assumptions

Why, despite the evidence, are patients still being held responsible for causing - and stopping - their own illness? Why, despite the research, are loved ones still automatically on probation? Why, despite clear evidence of the dangers, are patients still receiving treatment that does not put nutritional rehabilitation first?


"In any community of scientists, Kuhn states, there are some individuals who are bolder than most. These scientists, judging that a crisis exists, embark on what Thomas Kuhn calls revolutionary science, exploring alternatives to long-held, obvious-seeming assumptions. Occasionally this generates a rival to the established framework of thought. The new candidate paradigm will appear to be accompanied by numerous anomalies, partly because it is still so new and incomplete. The majority of the scientific community will oppose any conceptual change, and, Kuhn emphasizes, so they should."

I believe we are in the midst of a revolutionary change in thought where the general assumptions about eating disorders will shift dramatically. But what depresses me is that we appear to be only in the earliest phase:

"in which there is no consensus on any particular theory, though the research being carried out can be considered scientific in nature. This phase is characterized by several incompatible and incomplete theories."


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