"a little annoying but finished very strong"

"I just finished Eating with your Anorexic.
It was a little annoying but finished very strong."

Makes a smashing epitaph, really.


  1. I found a review of my first book by googling myself a while back that said it "wasn't as triggering as I hoped it would be."

    I don't understand why so many parents are threatened by the concept of feeding their starving children. ED treatment centers, yes. My only thought is that the idea is overwhelming and they are at a loss for good support.

    I still say there would be a great market for Pocket Pals of Stephanie. With a little pull tab on her back so you could get sayings like "Tell Ed to fork off!" And "Way to be effective!" Maybe my background in genetics will come in handy someday.

  2. Carrie, that comment got me to totally lol! There's a concept, a pocket pal of Stephanie. In the meantime, you know how to reach me for the real live version! Thank you for the much needed laugh.

    In regards to the book, obviously I am a bit biased, however the only aspect that I found to be irritating were the barriers and ineffective providers you stumbled into along the road!

  3. "I don't understand why so many parents are threatened by the concept of feeding their starving children."

    Speaking ONLY for myself, I'm not threatened by the CONCEPT, just by my own failure to DO it.

    Carrie - I haven't read your first book but your second it excellent - I'm going to give my copy to the local ED group library so that everyone can have a look - they've already got a copy of Laura's book, and when I give it back they'll have Lock and LeGrange's handbook for parents too!

  4. Ah, the life of a writer, Laura . . . :-)

  5. Carrie,

    I <3 your first book. It really allowed my parents to understand what I was going through. . . And of course made them more wary of my diet coke obsession:P

    I can relate to the triggering part. At the time I read it (and was probably in my ED) I so badly wanted you to give a height, but you never did (thank god!).

    I really loved the ending. It gave me hope. And now that I am weight restored and riding the wave of maintenance, I can understand that part a bit better.


  6. I caught that comment Laura. (that is if it's where I think you saw it) I've been laying low as I've been super busy but I am trying to keep up with reading.( I may have to make some of my own starter dough to get that custom going again....I wonder what happened to mine from years ago)
    The person involved seems to want to help his child recover but with the conflicting treatments offered today it's hard to always get both parents on the same team. This is a very real problem. I still hear from parents who got the "divide and blame" treatment and it's a dirty game they play.
    Anyway, it's great that he finished the book and found your views helpful in validating what his instincts were telling him anyway. This person really seems to understand that this is not a lifestyle choice, it's a miserable disease. Still, it really helps to have both parents fighting against the disease and this is a case where the mom isn't quite seeing the ED for the serious illness it is. : (
    Of course your words are inspiring! thank you


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