a letter to my daughter's ex

Did you know that Jenni Schaefer, the author of "Life Without Ed," has a blog?

Jenni recently asked me to: write A Mom’s Letter to Ed


  1. i read your letter on jenni's blog and i was really blown away. mostly because you write very similarly to my mother and i know she would've said most of the same.

    it's touching to see a parent really acknowledge what your child has gone through. and it sounds so obvious that every parent would, but unfortunately, that is not the case.

    it always broke my heart to see patients fight with their parents during visiting hours...if their parents even came to visit. i always felt so incredibly lucky to have the support from my parents that i do, and i feel like that is all too rare. so i feel honored to be able to tell the mother of a fellow fighter: you're amazing. your daughter is so lucky to have you.

  2. Emmy,

    I am so moved, and so thankful to you for telling me. It means a great deal to me!

  3. A very good letter indeed! I have often explained to my Junior doctors that Ed is not just a boyfriend but a Cult – I will call the cult ED. It is one of the simplest way explaining to “street-unwise” newly trained doctors. With the new cult of ED all that has been tried with cult rescue had to be used. Good work.

    The Cockroach Catcher
    (a retired Consultant Child Psychiatrist)

  4. I was touched over and over again tonight in hearing the powerful messages of the battles, wounds, healing and recovery experiences that parents and adolescents in the process of recovery shared tonight at our EDAP week presentation. It was so uplifting to have the focus on Maudsley and Family Based treatment, I know that many doors and windows are opening this year! Go Team.

  5. Truly is a creep of a boyfriend, isn't he Laura? I get the feeling that he knows just how unwanted and unwelcome he is near your girl. The best part is that she knows it too!

  6. I read the letter and I was really good...


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