I Need Some Heroes

I believe parent activism is the best hope for improvement of eating disorder treatment. I believe parent voices have the potential to change the treatment world, the media, the insurance industry, research direction, and public policy. I also believe it is time for a movement by parents, for parents, to let no mother or father feel alone.

But the truth is, there is no parent movement. There are very few parent activists. This is understandable -- after all, until recently we were told it was not only not our business, we thought we caused eating disorders!

For the years since my daughter became ill, I've put my time and money and reputation toward bringing families together and speaking up for parents. But alone, my voice is weak. Individuals don't have the authority of groups.

I recently took an informal poll of readers of the "Around The Dinner Table" Forum. Over a dozen people said they were fired up and willing to get involved at a leadership level. Most of the rest offered to help. The poll revealed a great desire for more ways to connect with other parents, and for ways to educate the public and clinicians.

I also recently asked for donations to support the Forum. I received enough to pay for the past three years of website fees, and one check that was so generous I sent it back -- promising to do what I'm doing now: create something worth that kind of parent support.

Parents want more help, and want to offer more help. We need a way to connect parents to each other, and to resources.

I am ready to devote myself full-time to this, but I need a team of Directors with an interest in guiding and monitoring the group.

I'm looking for directors with administrative, legal, and financial knowledge and creativity. I'm looking for parents who are beyond the intense caregiving and ready to reach back to families earlier in the process.

Later on, we'll be looking for volunteers to carry out the mission of the group.

To get involved, write to me at Laura@eatingwithyouranorexic.com so I can send you further information. Let me know what you want to offer.


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